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Apps:Lab offer high end and quality data service and solution to East Africa and Global Companies. Our team of architects, data engineers, statisticians, actuaries and data scientists have successfully delivered secure, scalable and robust solutions to the clients across diverse industry verticals. And we develop custom analytics solutions that provide deep insights for your business.

Plan for The Future

Data hold the power to transform your company or business future and scale your profit and yield by 25 % yearly. Our data scientists have a unique approach to critically analyze each piece of information before taking a business decision. Take control of your data and accelerate your business growth, since every single data generated by your business represent a challenge and an opportunity. Mishandle this proliferation of information and your processes become chaotic. Leverage it with the right technologies as part of an intelligent data strategy and it can give you a new level of insight. And that's why Apps:Lab Data services and solutions can help you make effective data-driven decisions for your business/company . Our experts focus on the patterns behind the numbers, allowing you to identify and reduce fraud with greater efficiency, improve your targeted sales strategies and optimize the experience of every customer.

Big Data Analytics / Statistics Services & Solutions

Why Choose Us As Your Big Data & Statistics Company

Customer Insights

We help companies generate useful data based on users behavior.

The Future

Apps:Lab believe in creating future ready solutions for next generation


We use computerized techniques to provide accurate data solutions.


We employ well trained data engineers, statisticians & data scientists.

Smarter Analytics

Data can make business a success, good analytics will make it happen.

No Data Lose

We take care of data provided to us to handle, with no data lose

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